N Control What is it?

N Control is a five-stage drive mode system that allows the i30 N driver to select from a range of programmed and programmable modes that harmoniously tailors all the car’s key driver technologies. Drivers can choose from five individual drive modes – Eco, Normal, Sport, N and N Custom.

How does it work?

Each of the five drive modes calibrates the i30 N’s turbo-charged engine response, electronic stability and traction controls, Electronic Limited Slip Differential, Rev Matching, Active Variable Exhaust System, Electronic Controlled Suspension, Electronic Sound Generator and steering to deliver an aligned and coherent driving experience. Eco mode maximises economy and efficiency; Normal is ideal for everyday driving conditions; Sport injects a healthy degree of dynamism and athleticism; N Mode ramps up performance, responsiveness and agility for maximum track attack; the result of N Custom Mode is to allow drivers to personalise the parameters to their personal tastes.

Why is this sporty and dynamic?

Having the choice of five different driving modes means i30 N drivers can adapt the car’s driving experience to road or track conditions. Therefore creating a set up for every type of drive, from regular commutes, to fast cross-country trips, to track driving.

Why do I need it?

Having five different driving modes creates  different kinds of i30 N in one car, from relaxed and amiable commuter to white-knuckled track warrior. The result is a car configured to allow the i30 N drivers to have the exactly what they want at the flick of a button.

How do I operate/set it up?

Two dedicated buttons the i30 N’s bespoke steering wheel enable the driver to cycle through the five modes – the button on the left can be used to select Eco, Normal or Sport, while the N and N Custom modes are selected using the right-hand button. The selected mode and its parameters are displayed on the central touch screen.

Is there any advantage over i30 N competitors?

Volkswagen’s Golf GTI features Driver Profile Selection, a four-mode system, altering the throttle mapping and engine management systems, and not the suspension unless featuring the Chassis Control Option. The Honda Type R is fitted with driving modes that link all of the car’s driver-focused technologies, here there are only three modes, none can be personalized by the driver. The Focus RS uses a four-stage driving mode that centres on the car’s Electronic Stability Programme, with  a two-stage suspension set-up. As with the Civic Type R, there’s no personalisation option.

Standard or optional?

It’s standard equipment on both i30 N and i30 N Performance models.