Established on 19 December 2012, Hyundai Motorsport GmbH (HMSG) is responsible for Hyundai’s global motorsport activities and primarily for its World Rally Championship program. Based in Alzenau, Germany, the company has engineered Hyundai’s return to the WRC with a bespoke team of skilled staff who are constantly developing the WRC-specification i20.

From a blank sheet of paper, our young team embarked on an ambitious programme during 2013. As well as establishing our brand new facility and building a team of dedicated professionals we also saw the development of our new i20 WRC.  

The car was given its first shakedown in May and went on to complete 8,000km in private testing. Sporting a striking zebra livery, the car was put through its paces in a range of conditions in France, Finland, Spain and Germany. With the addition of the factory colours the car is now looking and probably costing a Million Dollars

A History in Motorsport

Inspired by Motorsport – the proven track record of Hyundai

For the last four years Hyundai Motorsport has participated successfully in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), regarded as one of the most challenging and diverse motor sport disciplines. Away from the rally environment, Hyundai Motorsport has also begun testing the i30 TCR.


Launch of i20 WRC which arrives amid great expectation.


Re-entry to the World Rally Championship with i20, WRC Hyundai Motorsport takes 4 podiums and finishes the WRC in 4th position in the manufacturer standings.


Launch of the Hyundai high performance N line up at the Frankfurt Motor Show with the concept cars N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo and RM15.

Hyundai takes another 4 podiums and finishes the WRC in 3rd position, making a positive step in performance.


Launch of high-performance racing concepts RM16 at Busan Motor Show and RM 30 at Paris Motor Show takes place.

Hyundai secures an amazing 7 podiums and finishes the WRC in 2nd position.


The dawn of a new era in the sport with the introduction of new technical regulations resulting in more distinctive, powerful and dramatic-looking WRC cars.

Launch of Hyundai’s first mass-produced high-performance car the i30 N takes place on January 4th in the UK

Hyundai has 6 podiums in half of the season and ranks 2nd in the WRC drivers and team rankings with much more to come.

Hyundai’s high-performance concepts have been derived partly due toe the technical development of the WRC cars.

With the WRC Program acting as the launch pad  for the ground breaking i30 N Road Car development plan.

During the races, with cars competing on roads of gravel, tarmac, snow and ice, the Hyundai Motor engineers identified further refinement and potential performance enhancements for the i30 N which was available to the specific team responsible for the i30 N.

 Wherever Hyundai takes this exciting New Brand of Road Cars you can be sure it will be done at speed !